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GST Ready Desktop / Cloud POS

Posorbis smart, easy to use Point of Sale billing and inventory management software. Low-cost desktop pos terminal with powerful custom application feature.

Restaurant POS

GST Ready Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS refers to point of sale (POS) software that runs on computers, usually touch screen terminals or wireless handheld devices. Restaurant POS systems assist businesses to track transactions in real time.

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GST Ready Hotel POS

Hotel POS is an in-house Windows based application used by businesses to automate their day-to-day operations such as room bookings, reservations, check in or checkout. Hotel reservation software is developed to managed on a day-to-day basis.

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Hotel POS
Retail POS

GST Ready Retail POS

Posorbis retail POS software covers entire multi-channel retail management. It includes production, sales & distribution, customer loyalty.

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GST Ready Event POS

Every event manager that has a product to sell at their event needs a method in which to trade with the people attending the event or just stopping by their area. They must provide an easy, smooth, and quick way to move people through their lines.

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Event POS

Mobile App

With our wide range of features, you can create a custom app for restaurant business.Create an app for all major devices in a snap, no compromise on quality or functionality. Access Anytime, Anywhere Use the this app to find everything you're looking for.


Android App

Windows App

Windows App


POSOrbis Cloud

Web Interface

Head Office Reporting

Window Desktop

Online Ordering Portal

Online Ordering Portal

Custom Website

Custom Web Design

Facebook Ordering

Facebook Ordering


Each time a new order is placed or process, will send you a notification. You can also set it up so that any staff you have also receive these notifications.

SMS Notification


SMS forms a very important, indeed essential means for the people to connect and communicate with their personal and professional network.



Timely notification about new mails from online. Easy to setup email for notification

IVR Notification


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers.



There are 3rd party email-to-fax service providers, who will send a designated fax number a fax of an email they receive.

POSOrbis Desktop App

Posorbis Desktop App

A Desktop App Alert is a notification that appears on your desktop when you receive a new email message.

Mobile App Notifiation

Posorbis Mobile App

Notifications on mobile and other platforms allow your cloud-based applications to send brief alerts and updates to a client application. Apple and Android each offer their own services for this;

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