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Restaurant Owner

Posorbis is the fast and simple ordering portal that lets your customers place and pay for their take-out or delivery and catering orders securely online or by phone. Orders are processed in “30 seconds or less”, and are automatically paid for before it reaches your fax or email.

Posorbis is dedicated to increasing your current Take-Out and Delivery business. Please take the time to review our site for information on how you can increase your sales by becoming a premier restaurant member of Posorbis.

HuMngry's Virtual Waiter or Cyber Waitress "MAX"

will easily help all customers order "the USUAL" ™ (POSOrbis was recently awarded trademark on August 8, 2005) and Max will ensure all orders are accurate and delivered to the restaurant within minutes so customers can have their meal prepared and ready so by the time customers arrive it could be brought out to their car and paid for (tip included).

MH Enhances Customer Service

  • POSOrbis Makes Employees More Productive
  • POSOrbis Gives Back to Local Communities
  • POSOrbis Gives You’re a Free Website
  • POSOrbis Gives Free Advertisement
  • MH Waives Set-Up and Monthly Fees

POSOrbis Enhances Customer Service

Posorbis's 1-2-3 ordering system allows customers to simply call 877-Posorbis to order the Usual and:

  • Enter their passcode
  • Select their “Usual” (from 9 preset choices)
  • Confirm order and hang up
  • POSOrbis Gives Free Advertisement
  • POSOrbis Waives Set-Up and Monthly Fees

Order is paid for and ready for pick-up or delivery when the customer specifies. All phone calls are answered on the first ring by Max - Your Virtual Cyber Waitress. This means no more waiting on the phone or in long lines ever again!

Keep Customers Coming Back through Loyalty Rewards:

Reward your frequent customers by setting up a Loyalty Rewards Program, which POSOrbis manages for you.

POSOrbis Makes Employees More Productive

With Max – POSOrbis’s Cyber Waitress – picking up and processing all your phone orders, your employees only have to worry about preparing the food on time. This leaves room for them to do other important tasks.

POSOrbis Gives Back to Local Community

Posorbis provides a dynamic Charity Giving program, where POSOrbis donates a percentage of an order to the school or charity of the customer’s choice. This means that every order can help a charitable organization in our neighborhood. By helping others, customers will utilize POSOrbis for both their ordering and charity -giving needs.

MH Gives You a Free Website

When you sign up today, you will receive a fully-automated through payment site .

  • Open your business to potentially thousands of new customers
  • Provide a complete fully-hosted website, or links to your existing site
  • Your menu is always available on customers' desktop
  • Easily change, update or post menu items to the website, anytime & anywhere
  • Requires no web design or programming skills with our powerful web based store builder
  • Provide fast and accurate ordering convenience for businesses and busy office workers

MH Gives Free Advertisement

When Posorbis puts your restaurant on the web, you will:

  • Gain online presence with a complete Web ordering and payment engine.
  • Post logo, picture and description of restaurant.
  • Provide driving directions to the customer's doorstep.
  • Attract new and local customers through Posorbis's restaurant search engine.

Because we are confident that our services will bring you successful results, we have waived any set up and monthly fees. This is a huge savings for joining MH, to expose your restaurants to customers nationwide.

Restaurant Owner