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What Is POSOrbis?

Posorbis is a brand new, FREE Mobile (Home) Phone or Web ordering portal for any and all restaurants(participating), that allows you to order “the USUAL” at your favorite restaurants with just a few clicks of a button. Take-out or Delivery(if Restaurant delivers, Posorbis is not a delivery company but an ordering system )

Posorbis's Vision is to simplify everyone’s lives by connecting restaurants and consumers in a central Nationwide ordering system where customers can easily view the restaurant menu, place an order via web or phone and can use Posorbis's Worlds Fastest Ordering System (about 15 seconds) without ever taking their wallet out of their pocket again.

Posorbis's Virtual Waiter or Cyber Waitress “MAX” will easily help all customers order “the USUAL”™ (POSOrbis was recently awarded trademark on August 8, 2005) and Max will ensure all orders are accurate and delivered to the restaurant within minutes so customers can have their meal prepared and ready so by the time customers arrive it could be brought out to their car and paid for (tip included).

POSOrbis member Restaurants give their customers a loyalty bonus for using Posorbis when customers frequently return to that restaurant.

What Is POSOrbis